Thursday, April 30, 2015

Twelve Strong!

First, my sincere apologies for being so quiet the last few months! My Little One became mobile, so my free time disappeared pretty quickly. Happily, he is starting to take longer naps now, haha

I just wanted to show you all how amazing all the banners look together. I hope I'll one day be able to show you what 100 look like together, but for now, we are twelve strong :)

If you are new to the project, welcome! 

I started this project to help claim back the term "vegan" from plant-based dieters and to give vegans and non-humans a voice in the craftivist movement. I truly believe there is room for both humans and non-humans. We can control how our choices affect both with every purchase and daily decision we make. We can speak up through craft to help create a conversation and reflection on "why vegan."

If you would like to join in and send a banner, 
send me a message or click here for the how to!

If you are new to the craft world, no worries! We have had submissions from all skill levels and welcome all banners. If you need materials, I can send you a free kit by post. Everyone that sends in a banner, receives an awesome "I'm a vegan craftivist" sticker, FYI :D


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